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Join us on Sundays starting at 10:30am on Facebook or YouTube.


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Make sure you are in the Facebook page showing our new logo. The other is an old Westway account that is still running and we no longer have access to deactivate it.



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You can give via email transfer which is the best online option we have or through CanadaHelps.


 Currently worshiping online and onsite


Sunday Service Time - 10:30 AM

6 Kilburn Place, Toronto, Ontario


We want Westway Christian Church to be a place to rediscover your way back to God.


Westway Christian Church is a community of imperfect people from your neighborhood who found our way back to God through a gracious and loving relationship with Jesus Christ. In gratitude, we desire to help our neighbors find their way back to God just as we have. We pray and dream to do this within Etobicoke and the GTA area through authentic worship gatherings, unapologetic preaching of God’s Word in a relevant and engaging way, meaningful and growing relationships with fellow believers and explorers and by serving our community in a sustainable and impactful way.


We are a part of the Independent Christian Church/Church of Christ, a global brotherhood of churches that strive to follow New Testament Christianity. We do not belong to any denomination and we simply want to be called "Christians." We consider our church a part of a movement called "Restoration Movement." The Bible is our book of faith and our salvation is solely hinged on the work of Jesus Christ. We echo the cry, "In essentials unity, in opinion liberty and in all things love."



To be a church that will love GOD first and foremost, grow in love with one another and serve our world.


To help our neighbors find their way back to God.

Statement of Beliefs



We believe that Jesus of Nazareth is the Messiah, the Son of the Living God, and God in human form. We believe that the virgin-born Son of God died for our sins, was buried, rose from the dead and is coming again. We believe He is both fully God and fully man.


Philippians 2:5-7, John 14:19, John 8:58, John 1:1



We believe that all people are guilty of willfully sinning against God and are consequently lost and without hope apart from Christ Jesus.


Isaiah 53:6, Act 4:12, Romans 3:23


We believe the substitutionary death of Jesus on the cross is the sole basis of atonement for the sins of mankind.


Isaiah 53:3-6, 2 Corinthians 5:21, Romans 5:8

Sanctity of Life


We believe that all human life is sacred and created by God in His image. Human life is of inestimable worth in all its dimensions, including pre-born babies, the aged, the physically or mentally challenged, and every other stage or condition from conception through natural death. We are therefore called to defend, protect, and value all human life.


Psalm 139:13-16

Sanctity of Marriage


We believe that God created marriage to be exclusively the union between one man and one woman, and that sexual intimacy is to occur exclusively within that union.


Genesis 2:24, Jer 29:6, Isa 62:5, Le 18:22


The Church has adopted a Statement on Marriage and Sexuality (as set forth in Article 3 herein accessible through this link).



We believe that God wonderfully and immutably creates each person as male or female, and that these two distinct, complementary genders together reflect the image and nature of God.


We believe that gender is assigned by God at birth and the Holy Scripture does not permit an individual from altering their sexual identity physically or otherwise.


Genesis 1:27; 2: 18-24

The Local Church


We believe the Church should seek unity with all believers in matters essential to the universal Christian faith, and contend for liberty in all matters wherein the Lord has not spoken through His Word.


Ephesians 4:2-6


We believe the local church is an autonomous body which cooperates with many Christian agencies but is regulated or dominated by none.


Ephesians 5:23b

Final Authority for Matters of Belief and Conduct


The statement of faith does not exhaust the extent of our beliefs. The Bible itself, as the inspired Word of God that speaks with final authority concerning truth, morality, and the proper conduct of mankind, is the sole and final source of all that we believe. For purposes of Westway Christian Church’s faith, doctrine, policy, and discipline, our Pastoral Leadership Team and Elders are Westway Christian Church’s final interpretive authority on the Bible’s meaning and application.


Genesis 1:27, 2 Timothy 3:16-17, 2 Peter 1:20-21, Titus 1:5-9, 1 Timothy 3:1-7


We believe that the forgiveness of sins and the gift of eternal life are promised to those who trust Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. It is available for all who will believe and accept God's grace and mercy.

John 3:16-17, Ephesians 2:8-9, 1 Cor. 6:11

We believe the Bible teaches that the pattern to follow to receive Jesus as Savior is to believe in Jesus as God’s Son and Savior of the world, to repent of personal sin, to confess Jesus as Lord, and to be immersed in baptism.

Romans 10:9, Acts 2:38-39, Romans 6:3-4

We believe in the assignment of all people to heaven or to hell at their time of death or at the time of Christ’s return.

Hebrews 9:27, 2 Thessalonians 1:8-9, Revelation 20:15, 2 Corinthians 5:6-10

Free Will and God's Sovereignty


We believe that when a person puts his or her faith in Jesus and is saved it is through a cooperation of that person’s free choice responding to the work of God upon them.


God gives indispensable help in moving a person’s heart to receive Christ, but that does not eliminate God’s sovereign decree that man should be free to exercise moral choice. God graciously enables every sinner to repent and believe but does not interfere with man’s freedom. Each sinner possesses a free will, and his eternal destiny depends on how he uses it. The sinner has the power to either cooperate with God’s Spirit and be regenerated or resist God’s grace and perish.


We believe that a believer, who has received grace through faith, can willfully and deliberately choose to reject their belief in Jesus and therefore forfeit their salvation. However, we do not believe a believer can lose their salvation from anything other than a deliberate rejection of his or her belief in Jesus.


Galatians 5:4, 2 Peter 2, Hebrews 10:26, 27

The Holy Spirit


We believe that those who receive Christ also receive the indwelling presence of the Holy Spirit. He marks them as the possession of God, manifests the fruit of righteousness in their character, and endows them with spiritual gifts for ministry.


2 Corinthians1:21-22, Galatians 5:22-23


We believe that a spiritual gift is a special ability, given by the Holy Spirit to every believer, to be used to minister to others and thereby build up the Body of Christ.


1Pet 4:10, Romans 12:6-8, 1 Corinthians 12:7-11



a) We believe that through Holy Spirit God supernaturally intervenes in life by healing and other miraculous intervention.


b) Regarding the miraculous gifts of speaking in tongues, interpreting tongues, and the spiritual gift of healing by one’s own will: We believe that in New Testament churches which lacked direct apostolic leadership these specific miraculous gifts were not present because in the New Testament they are only given by the laying on of the Apostles hands. Therefore we do not expect to see spiritual gifts such as speech in tongues and healing by one’s own will as a normative gift in the church today.


Acts 8:5-8, 14-17


c) Since we do not believe these particular gifts are normative in the church today we ask that those who seek to exercise these particular spiritual gifts (e.g. speaking in tongues) not practice them within our worship services. We also do not see this as a point of contention should one believe that the gift of speaking in tongues exists if they follow the instruction of 1st Corinthians 14 and practice it in private.


We value biblical truth. These things will not change at Westway. This is what we believe and it is who we are at the core as a church family.   Explore what we believe here.


Tell us about yourself to begin your journey with connecting to our community.

We would love to hear about you and your journey.

"We desire to minister to those who are seeking to rediscover their relationship with a loving God."


Westway is a small congregation with a genuine heart for the community.  We do not have the bells and whistles that make a church glamorous but what we do have ministries that serve those who are in need.  From Divorce Care, to Griefshare, to our Tuesday Food Bank. What we want to do is to serve our neighbors.


We try our best to not only preach the Word boldly but to put flesh and blood to it by living it. We hope you will join us in this work.


Minister Edmund Lucido

What’s your next step?

Get Connected.

Love. Grow. Serve.


Following Jesus as disciples and connecting with others as part of a spiritual family.


Love. Grow. Serve.

We are committed to growing in love with one another. Relationships are a gift from God that help our learning and growing as individuals and spiritual beings. Jesus said love one another and so we must. Someone said, "You can only grow when you are connected with other believers."

We are committed to being and making disciples who would love God first and foremost. Most people would say they love God but their actions would reveal they love themselves more. God seems to be an after-thought or a last resort. He deserves our love first and foremost.

Serving our world authenticates our devotion to God. You cannot say you love God and not love the ones He died for. Our world means the place where we are, where we work, where our influence can reach. It starts in our neighbourhood, extends to our church and beyond it.

Worship Service

Our service starts at 10:30 AM and typically lasts till 11:45 AM. We praise God through songs, scripture and prayer. We observe the Lord's Supper every Sunday and we do our best to teach the Bible in a relevant and engaging manner. We also have the FunKids Westway program for your children. 



We have different venues for learning the Bible and developing relationships with fellow believers. They could happen on Sunday before the service or at different times of the week. Ask us for more info.

Serving our World


We run a food bank every Tuesday evening from 5 to 7 PM.  We also offer classes for people hurting from divorce or separation or the loss of a loved one. You can check out the next schedule for our DivorceCare and GriefShare classes. We are also in the process of re-igniting our support for select mission projects around the globe.