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February 4-18, 2018

It is a hot topic in culture.  Movies almost cannot do without it, advertising use a lot of it, TV, media, sports employ its influence to promote their products, programs and business interests.  It is in office talks and yet churches squirm and try to avoid it.

Yet the Bible is not shy of addressing it because God created it.  This series will address the topic of Love, SEX and a HOLY GOD.

Part 1- Our Sexuality Is Real- Notes- Audio

Part 2-  I Can See The Sparks- Notes- Audio

Part 3- Then The Flames Jumped - Notes- Audio

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Jan. 7-28, 2018

When the local church gets it right, it becomes such a blessing for the community.  And for each criticism you would have of church, you will also have to consider the good it has done.  Let's find out what makes the church such a blessing for us.  Let us see what is in the Heart of the Church.

Part 1 United- Notes- Audio

Part 2 Committed- Notes- Audio

Part 3 Commanded- Notes- Audio

Part 4 Mandated- Notes- Audio

Dec. 31, 2017


There is a season for everything and we should be thankful to God for that.  One of the best season is the restart of thing when a new year comes.    

Amidst all the possible things you could renew in the New Year is this one thing that could dramatically change your life.

So what would be the best thing to restart in the New Year?  Take a listen and find out.


Dec. 3-24, 2017 

This is the most expensive season of the year.  Traffic jams intensify, credit card debt balloons, parties abound and shopping explodes from after Thanksgiving till mid-January.  But do we still know its true purpose?  Or are we now totally commercialized to the point we celebrate something we don't really know anymore.  

Together, let's revisit it's true purpose.

To Listen click the active links below:

Part 1- Out of Focus

Part 2- Celebration

Part 3- Salvation

Part 4- Reconciliation 

Oct. 15 - Nov. 26, 2017

There are many controversial topics most churches stay away from.  Yet the more they avoid these topics, the worst they become.  Because doing so allows culture to misinform young believers while the church stays silent.  

To Listen click the active links below:

Part 1- God, Government & Politics

Part 2- God & My Reproductive Rights

Part 3- God & The Rainbow

Part 4- In The Beginning, God

Part 5- God's Creation, Science Confirms

Part 6- From A Fan To A Follower

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