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It is a normal need for us to calibrate and adjust when we make mistakes. When moving on a highway and you find yourself lost, taking the exit ramp to turn around is simply logical and important. The same could be said in life. Is it time for a turnaround? Join us in this 2-week series to find out.


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October 2018

Let us review what it means to be financially wise.  You need not be in the red and if you are, it's time to be...back in the black!

Part 1- 10 Keys to Getting Back in the Black AUDIO

Part 2- What Test? AUDIO

This message took advantage of Pastor Robert Morris message called "What Test?" to view that message directly proceed HERE

Part 3- The Word About Debt AUDIO

May- July, 2018

This series dwells on how we could live this command better.  A great resource to this series is the book entitled, "The Neighboring Life"  written by Rick Rusaw, Brian Mavis et al.

Part 1- What Matters Most  NOTES - AUDIO

Series Break- What is Worship  AUDIO

Part 2- Stay   NOTES - AUDIO

Series Break  (Father's Day ) - Four Thing Your Father Wants You to Know  NOTES - AUDIO

Part 3- Pray  NOTES - AUDIO

Part 4- Play  NOTES - AUDIO  (Our apologies, due to a technical glitch the audio for this message was not recorded)

Part 5- Say  NOTES - AUDIO

Part 6- The Neighboring Way of Life  NOTES - AUDIO

Let us take a look at the message of Christmas through the lens of the colours we associate with it. Click the message title for the audio link.

Part 1- Gold

Part 2- Red

Part 3- White

Part 4- Blue

Part 5- Green

September 2018

Part 1- Living in Babylon  AUDIO

Part 2- Trusting God in Impossible Situations  AUDIO

Part 3- A Witness from a Once Great King  AUDIO

Part 4- Making a Lonely Stand for God AUDIO


April 8, 2018

No one among them is perfect.  They did not come from money nor prestige.  Their greatness is not from their innate talent or blood line but from the God pleasing decisions and actions they made in their lives.  Join us as we take a look at the lives of five of the great women in the Bible.

Part 1- Ruth  NOTES - AUDIO

Part 2- Esther  NOTES - AUDIO

Part 3- Abigail  NOTES - AUDIO

Part 4- Hannah  NOTES - AUDIO

Part 5- Mary  NOTES - AUDIO

Virtuous!  Mother's Day Message from Prov. 31  NOTES - AUDIO

November 2018

He is considered a nobody in the church for he was neither of known pedigree or a Jew. He was a Gentile. Ever feel like a nobody? If so, join us in this series as this could be just for you!

Part 1- Lead Right!  AUDIO

Part 2- Living Right with One Another AUDIO
Part 3- Ordered to Do Good  AUDIO

July to August 2018

Based on the book "Simplify" written by Bill Hybels, this series looks into the Bible and challenges us to look into our lives in order to simplify it and make it more God-focused.

Part 1- Unclutter Your Soul  AUDIO

Part 2- Putting Purpose into your Calendar  AUDIO

Part 3- Smart Finances  AUDIO Part 4- Making Your Faith Disappointment Proof  AUDIO 

February 25- April 1, 2018

Based from the book The Story, we are tracking the chronological account of Jesus and are highlighting key points that can truly enrich our lives.  

Part 1– The King is Born  NOTESAUDIO
Part 2– His Ministry Begins NOTES -  AUDIO 
Part 3– Extraordinaire 
Part 4— The Son of God  
Part 5– Blackout Hour  NOTES -  AUDIO
Part 6– The Return of the King NOTES - AUDIO

Good Friday Message- The Greatest Passover NOTESAUDIO

February 4-18, 2018

It is a hot topic in culture.  Movies almost cannot do without it, advertising use a lot of it, TV, media, sports employ its influence to promote their products, programs and business interests.  It is in office talks and yet churches squirm and try to avoid it.

Yet the Bible is not shy of addressing it because God created it.  This series will address the topic of Love, SEX and a HOLY GOD.

Part 1- Our Sexuality Is Real- Notes- Audio

Part 2-  I Can See The Sparks- Notes- Audio

Part 3- Then The Flames Jumped - Notes- Audio

Jan. 7-28, 2018

When the local church gets it right, it becomes such a blessing for the community.  And for each criticism you would have of church, you will also have to consider the good it has done.  Let's find out what makes the church such a blessing for us.  Let us see what is in the Heart of the Church.

Part 1 United- Notes- Audio

Part 2 Committed- Notes- Audio

Part 3 Commanded- Notes- Audio

Part 4 Mandated- Notes- Audio

Oct. 15 - Nov. 26, 2017

There are many controversial topics most churches stay away from.  Yet the more they avoid these topics, the worst they become.  Because doing so allows culture to misinform young believers while the church stays silent.  

To Listen click the active links below:

Part 1- God, Government & Politics

Part 2- God & My Reproductive Rights

Part 3- God & The Rainbow

Part 4- In The Beginning, God

Part 5- God's Creation, Science Confirms

Part 6- From A Fan To A Follower